Awake in the World Event Schedule and Details

Awake in the World has ended.

You can still access several of the event videos for free here. All of the event recordings are now available as part of the Resource Package below, along with additional resources and bonus materials.

Complete Library of Digital Recordings Now Available

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Thank you again for participating in this momentous event. We’re so glad to be offering this collection of dialogues, presentations and guided meditations, and deeply hope it will be of benefit to you.

At the heart of Awake in the World is a series of “just you and me” exchanges between social visionaries, thought leaders and wisdom holders. They’re in their homes and workplaces discussing their life’s work, their tools and techniques for living a meaningful life, and offering guided meditations and contemplations to help involve everyone in creating a more mindful, compassionate world.

They’re also addressing the most difficult aspects of  bringing practice and wisdom into everyday life. We surveyed a portion of our viewership and then asked presenters to speak directly to the concerns you expressed. Things like integrating the wisdom of mindfulness practices and yoga into your everyday life, handling stress, finding ways to support and promote your own practice, finding time in our fast paced lives, and establishing a consistent routine.

There is also a wealth of knowledge on maintaining healthy relationships, cultivating compassion, practicing skillful communication, bringing mindfulness to the workplace, and developing the qualities of an authentic leader. Plus you’ll get insights into the lives and minds of individuals who have mastered their practices and become inspirational change agents and leaders in compassionate service.

With this resource package you’ll be able to revisit these teachings again and again. All event recordings are downloadable in audio (MP3) and video (MP4) so you can take them with you on your portable devices, play them in your car, during your run, or while you sip your morning coffee.

“Thank you all for the incredible package that you’ve made available to
everyone. I can’t imagine how much work was involved in putting this program
together but you did it in a magnificent way that has truly touched me and many
thousands of others. My heart is swelling with appreciation and gratitude.” — Stella
“The conference has been amazing, mind-blowing. You have put together a
deeply impressive thing here. I am sure it will have a big and far-reaching effect,
bringing the dharma to many people and bringing them into this world. Many
thanks. Do it again. Good work.” — Stephen
“Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I am overwhelmed that these dharma talks
reached so many…thank you all for making it possible!!!…I just want to thank you
again for putting on such a wonderful conference! I wasn’t able to view all the
teachings but the ones I did listen to…touched me deeper than I can ever say.” — Anna

Practice in Action Resource Package

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  • 7-Day Practice in Action Challenge
  • The Awake in the World Interreligious Dialogue
  • Additional Bonuses to Expand Your Practice

Event Digital Recordings

Although the videos will be available online for free for 48 hours, we think you’ll want to listen to them again and again for all those moments of inspiration and insight. The package includes the event content in downloadable video (MP4s) and audio format (MP3s).

Interreligious Dialogue

This event represents a confluence of wisdom from a variety of spiritual and secular traditions. The interreligious dialogue is the culmination of that process and reveal a spirit of interconnection and mutual understanding. The Dialogue features senior teachers from 6 religious traditions discussing livelihood and spirituality.

7-Day Meditation Challenge

Putting practice into action is difficult. This challenge, hosted by Acharya Dan Hessey, expands on a full week’s worth of guided meditations from the online event with practical exercises and reflections to incorporate the wisdom into your daily life.

BONUSES:Thanks to the generosity of our partners the resource package includes hours of bonus audios and guided practices on the topic of waking up in the world. Shambhala Mountain Center is also including a 25% discount off of meals and lodging for a weekend retreat of your choosing during 2015*.
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The digital recordings of the online event feature over 35 hosts and presenters speaking about some of the most important topics of our time and providing practical solutions and techniques to apply in your personal life, relationships, work and community.
DAY 1: Envisioning an Awakened World with Hosts:

Our hosts and presenters discuss the potentiality of an Awakened World, what it might be, and how to make that vision a reality.

Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

Live Stream

A dialogue with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche and Acharya Judith Simmer-Brown

Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche is the head of the Shambhala lineage, which is grounded in the power of creating enlightened society in everyday life. With a unique blend of Eastern and Western perspectives, he teaches this way of social transformation throughout the world. In addition, he extends his vision to a number of humanitarian projects in Asia and the West. He is the author of the bestselling titles Running with the Mind of Meditation, Ruling Your World, and Turning the Mind into an Ally.

Charles Eisenstein

The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible

A dialogue with Acharya Adam Lobel and Charles Eisenstein

  • Enjoy a fresh and sophisticated discussion about the “infirm” mythology of separation, which is said to be at the root of the world’s problems, and a way forward based on interbeing, beauty, and bravery.
  • Consider the importance of valuing nature, and everything in this universe, on its own merits, rather than in terms of its utility.
  • Contemplate the analogy of a birth process, with earth as the mother and humanity the child. Our life force is important, but surrender is also necessary.
  • Reflect on the possibility that our urgency to translate realization into a plan of action is problematic. Perhaps what needs to happen is happening to us.
  • Explore the necessity and process of hearing and answering our personal heart-callings, which are beyond rationality.
Dr. Roger Teel

A Religious Science and Buddhist Vision

A dialogue with Acharya Dan Hessey and Dr. Teel

Dr. Roger W. Teel is a life transforming speaker and a global spiritual leader. Through storytelling, humor and practical spirituality, Dr. Teel’s transforming messages, workshops, classes, business and national conferences, help empower people and lead them to their limitless potential to live dynamically. He is backed by exceptional academics. Dr. Teel holds a degree in psychology and religion, a Doctor of Divinity and a Doctor of Religious Science degree. He has served pulpits in Oregon, California and in 1993 returned to his home church, Mile Hi Church where he serves as Senior Minister and Spiritual Director to over 10,000 members and friends.

Acharya Dan Hessey

Envisioning an Awakened World Through History

A presentation from Acharya Dan Hessey

  • Explore how society can be a reflection of the natural wakefulness of the phenomenal world.
  • Ponder what ancient people of millennia ago thought about what it means to be awake in the world.
  • Contemplate that humans are sandwiched between the vastness of heaven and the interconnected solidity of earth.
  • Consider the possibility that fitting into our world in a harmonious way has been superseded by the idea of progress, and how this differs from the “progress” of the seasons.
  • Reflect on the possibility of a world in which people occupy positions in society in which they can flourish, and the effect that this would have on society as a whole.
Alexandra Shenpen, Sensei

Contemplative Art and Everyday Life

A presentation from Alexandra Shenpen, Sensei

Alexandra Shenpen, Sensei, has studied Ikebana/Kado through Kalapa Ikebana and the Sogetsu School for over 25 years. She teaches extensively at Naropa University, meditation centers, public venues, and privately. She is also a psychotherapist in private practice. She has been appointed a Master Instructor for Kalapa Ikebana, and an Artist to the Court by Sakyong Mipham, Rinpoche. She is a Riji of Sogetsu Ikebana.

Kazuaki Tanahashi

Pondering Enlightened Society and the U.S.A

A brief presentation from Kaz Tanahashi

  • Master zen calligrapher and peace activist candidly discusses which aspects of American society are enlightened, and which are not.
Acharya Dan Hessey

Envisioning an Awakened World

A guided meditation from Acharya Dan Hessey

  • Imagine and feel the qualities of awakenment that are available to us in the present moment.
DAY 2: Waking Up Through Health and Well-Being with Host:

Host Shastri Holly Gayley and our presenters discuss personal transformation and provide practices to help you live a more mindful, compassionate life.

Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

Can You See Your Mind Now?!

A dialogue with Acharya Dan Hessey and Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

  • Explore mind and the present moment with one of the most well renowned and charismatic Buddhist masters in the world.
  • Open further through a guided meditation offered by Rinpoche.
  • Hear Rinpoche’s advice for becoming a more wakeful person.
  • Consider the importance for having a sense of openness for change.
  • Reflect on a profound question that Rinpoche offers to the audience which may benefit our relationships and all areas of our lives.
Seane Corn

Don’t Try to Separate Anything: Yoga, the Divine, and Spiritual Activism

A dialogue with Shastri Holly Gayley and Seane Corn

  • Hear Seane describe her “artistic” approach to yoga, and her spiritual approach to social activism.
  • Consider the importance of prayer within asana practice.
  • Learn how to find the right yoga teachers and classes for you, and how to explore deeper spiritual elements.
  • Hear what Seane finds most attractive and terrifying about yoga.
  • Reflect on the two main questions that Seane asks herself everyday.
Roshi Jan Chozen Bays

Mindfulness, Diet, and Health

A dialogue with Shastri Holly Gayley and Roshi Jan Chozen Bays

Jan Chozen Bays, MD, is an ordained Zen teacher and a pediatrician specializing in the evaluation of children for abuse and neglect. She has trained in Zen for forty years, with Roshis Taizan Maezumi and Shodo Harada Roshi. With her husband, Hogen Bays, she serves as co-abbot of Great Vow Zen Monastery, a residential center for intensive Zen training in Clatskanie, Oregon.
She has published articles about Zen in Tricycle and Buddhadharma magazines. She is the author of three books published by Shambhala: Mindful Eating: A Guide to Rediscovering a Healthy and Joyful Relationship with Food, How to Train a Wild Elephant and Other Adventures in Mindfulness, and Jizo Bodhisattva: Guardian of Children, Women and Other Voyagers.

Saki Santorelli

Reclaim Your Inheritance, and Know It for the First Time

A dialogue with Shastri Holly Gayley and Saki Santorelli

  • Learn how Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is useful for people who are interested in happiness, but not “isms.”
  • Hear why Saki rejects the word “secular,” and is not a fan of the phrase “mindfulness revolution.”
  • Reflect on the value of living a life which has a sense of adventure and creativity — more than simply surviving.
  • Contemplate the notion that we have a treasure within us, and yet we walk around as if we are poor.
  • Wonder into one of the most compelling questions in Saki’s life.
Shastri Janet Solyntjes

Establishing a Daily Routine: Our Lives Depend On Us Being Present

An interview with Shastri Janet Solyntjes

  • Find out why it is helpful to establish a daily meditation practice.
  • Explore the tension between discipline and gentleness
  • Learn a few tricks to keep your routine alive.
Acharya Gaylon Ferguson

Being in the Body: A Companion-Practice for Your Life

A Guided Meditation with Gaylon Ferguson

  • This guided, fifteen-minute meditation helps us to return to a sense of confidence, strength, and bravery.
Dr. Peter Grossenbacher

Meditation and Neuroscience

A Presentation by Dr. Peter Grossenbacher

Peter Grossenbacher, PhD, teaches at Naropa University and directs Shambhala Training levels. His research on attention, awareness, synesthesia, meditation, instruction and the brain has been reported in the New York Times. Peter has been an active meditator since 1980.

DAY 3: Waking Up Through Relationships with Host:

Host Susan Piver and additional presenters explore our relationships to the one’s we love, as well as the world around us.

Tara Brach

Self Compassion: the Doorway to Healthy Intimacy

A dialogue with Susan Piver and Tara Brach

  • Explore the reasons that romantic relationship is the most difficult place to apply spiritual teachings.
  • Reflect on how helpful it can be to see our habitual patterns of behavior in action.
  • Hear about the “trance of unworthiness” and the impact that it has on intimate relationships.
  • Consider the difference between having a forgiving, undefended heart, and making ourselves vulnerable in a way that’s inappropriate and hurtful.
  • Join Tara for a beautiful guided meditation on self compassion that may benefit your life long into the future.
Acharya Susan Chapman

How Openness and Vulnerability Can Strengthen Relationships

A dialogue with Susan Piver and Acharya Susan Chapman

  • Hear the Five Keys to Mindful Communication.
  • Learn how to use communication with those we are close to as a mirror that shows us where our frozen habits are.
  • Consider the path from “me first” to “we first” — relationship as a co-creation.
  • Explore the importance of going beyond “toxic certainty” in order to appreciate differences.
  • Contemplate love as the experience of openness, which is available in each moment.
Richard Reoch

The Great Ornament in Space: A Contemplation of Time

A presentation and guided meditation by Richard Reoch

  • Richard Reoch addresses a most common concern: how to find time for practice in the busyness of our daily lives?
Jerry Braza

The Seeds of Love: Growing Mindful Relationships

A presentation by Dr. Jerry Braza

Jerry offers years of experience and practice in helping those who are interested in living up to their deepest aspirations. Specializing in mindfulness and relationships he conducts retreats, seminars, workshops and classes in a variety of spiritual and secular venues. Jerry is a mentor and ordained dharma teacher in the lineage of Buddhist Master Thich Nhat Hanh as well as professor emeritus at Western Oregon University. His newest book, The Seeds of Love: Growing Mindful Relationships, focuses on applying mindfulness to deepen the depth and quality of relationships. The foreword has been contributed by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hahn.

Acharya Dan Hessey

Three Obstacles to Practice in Everyday Life

A Presentation from Acharya Dan Hessey

  • Acharya Daniel Hessey responds to questions from Awake in the World participants related to three of the most common obstacles to establishing and maintaining a regular meditation practice:
  • 1) Not enough support
  • 2) Not enough time
  • 3) Too much stress!
Shastri Janet Solyntjes

Intimately Interconnected

A guided meditation with Shastri Janet Solyntjes

Shastri Janet Solyntjes leads a contemplation and meditation based on the following quote from Jon Kabat-Zinn: “We humans are all intimately interconnected. How we treat each other matters to the health and well-being, perhaps even the survival, of us all as a species, not in some vague future, but in this very moment. Kindness is the natural response to recognizing interconnectedness. And in that kindness is true wisdom.”

DAY 4: Waking Up Through Work With Host:

Host Lodro Rinzler and other presenters discuss bringing mindfulness into the workplace, cultivating qualities of leadership, and opening up space for compassionate interaction.

Fleet Maull

Know Your Power: You Always Have a Choice

A dialogue with Lodro Rinzler and Acharya Fleet Maull

  • Hear about the powerful change that occurred for Fleet while serving a 14 year prison sentence, and the inspiration behind everything that he does.
  • Explore the one question that can take us from the “victim-mind” to the “mind of possibility”.
  • Hear Fleet’s advice for dealing with “jerks” in the workplace.
  • Reflect on how “compassionate action” equates to “effective action.”
  • Learn a 90 second meditation that can be done daily to build resilience and rewire fear-based conditioning.
Acharya Susan Skjei

Authentic Leadership

A presentation by Susan Skjei

Susan Skjei, PhD, PCC, is an educator, executive coach, and consultant specializing in leadership and transformative change. Formerly a Vice-President and Chief Learning Officer for a large technology company, she founded and directs Naropa’s Authentic Leadership program and consults internationally through her company, Sane Systems. A Shambhala Buddhist practitioner and teacher for over 30 years, she integrates mindfulness, dialogue and systems thinking to foster organizational effectiveness and learning.

Michael Carroll

Discovering Confidence and Fearlessness in the Workplace

A dialogue with Lodro Rinzler and Michael Carroll

  • Contemplate the notion that we possess natural confidence — we are resourceful and can, and have to, work with any conflict.
  • Learn the reasons that work is one of the most powerful spiritual paths.
  • Consider that “sense of well being” may be a valid motivation for work, alongside success.
  • Examine the importance of presence in the workplace.
  • Recognize that you are a spiritual billionaire.
David Gelles

Mindful Work

A dialogue with Lodro Rinzler and David Gelles

David Gelles is a reporter for the New York Times, covering mergers & acquisitions, corporate governance, and Wall Street.
Before joining the Times in September 2013, he spent five years with the Financial Times. At the FT, he covered tech, media and M&A in San Francisco and New York. In 2011 he conducted an exclusive jailhouse interview with Bernie Madoff, shedding new light on the $65 billion ponzi scheme.
David is writing a book about mindfulness at work, bringing together his 15 years of meditation practice with his work as a business journalist. ‘Mindful Work’ will be published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in 2015, and will explore the growing influence of Eastern wisdom on Western business.

Irini Rockwell

Natural Brilliance: Leading From Within

A presentation by Irini Rockwell

Irini Rockwell is the Director, Founder and Principal Trainer of the Five Wisdoms Institute and Wisdoms@Work. She is a professional development trainer for organizational leaders, health caregivers, educators, artists, and individuals and author of Natural Brilliance: A Buddhist System for Uncovering Your Strengths and Letting Them Shine and The Five Wisdom Energies: A Buddhist Way of Understanding Personalities, Emotions and Relationships. Irini has served as a faculty member at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado for ten years where she earned her Master’s in Contemplative Psychotherapy and a Certificate in Authentic Leadership. She is also a senior teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist community.

Acharya Susan Skjei

Contemplating the Qualities of Leadership

A guided meditation with Acharya Susan Skjei

  • Reveal the five qualities of an authentic leader within yourself.
DAY 5: Waking Up Through Service With Host:

Host Acharya Fleet Maull interviews an inspiring group of leaders in service and social transformation, illuminating their personal journies and lives’ work. These great teachers also offer a number of guided meditations and insights for putting practice into action.

Roshi Joan Halifax

Exploring a Life of Compassion and Service

A dialogue with Acharya Fleet Maull and Roshi Joan Halifax

Roshi Joan Halifax, Ph.D., is a Buddhist teacher, Zen priest, anthropologist, and pioneer in the field of end-of-life care. She is Founder, Abbot, and Head Teacher of Upaya Institute and Zen Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She received her Ph.D. in medical anthropology in 1973 and has lectured on the subject of death and dying at many academic institutions and medical centers around the world. A Founding Teacher of the Zen Peacemaker Order and founder of Prajna Mountain Buddhist Order, her work and practice for more than four decades has focused on applied Buddhism.

Shiva Rea

How Global Change Can Begin on the Yoga Mat

A dialogue with Acharya Fleet Maull and Shiva Rea

  • Learn how ritual in collective spiritual practice can reveal possibilities for larger mobilization and service.
  • Consider the personal and environmental benefits of unplugging for one day a week.
  • Hear how Shiva is working to reawaken the spiritual foundation of modern day yoga.
  • Learn what Shiva considers to be the one essential yoga asana, and why.
  • Enjoy a deep, guided practice with Shiva to connect with yourself in a healing way, and with the greater world.
Roshi Bernie Glassman

What’s the Deal Here? And What Do I Do Next?

A dialogue with Acharya Fleet Maull and Roshi Bernie Glassman

  • Contemplate two questions that have been most meaningful in Roshi Glassman’s life — the first being “something that Lenny Bruce said all the time.”
  • Learn why Roshi went from the zendo, to a drug-ridden neighborhood in Yonkers, to Auschwitz-Birkenau, in order to do spiritual practice.
  • Hear Roshi’s advice for living a meaningful life, and what he would like his dying words to be.
  • Reflect on the meaning of a “deep realization” that Roshi had recently, that he’s excited to share with his student Jeff Bridges (a.k.a “The Dude”)
  • Hear what Roshi plans to do for three days on a hill-top in the West Bank this coming February.
Angel Kyodo Williams

Who We Truly Are: People of Color and American Buddhism

A dialogue with Acharya Fleet Maull and Angel Kyodo Williams

  • Consider the ways that spiritual practitioners may help to bring equity to a country with a strong history of inequality.
  • Hear Sensei discuss her unique experience as an empowered woman of color in an authentic Buddhist lineage in America.
  • Contemplate how teachings embedded in buddhadharma provide avenues to make our way past unconscious biases related to race in American Buddhist communities.
  • Ponder a “big question” offered by Sensei that may inspire what she calls “transformative social change.”
  • Deepen into personal clarity through a powerful, guided meditation led by Sensei.
DAY 6: Interreligious Dialogue on Livelihood and the Spiritual Journey Co-Sponsored by Naropa University with Host:

This line-up of spiritual luminaries will engage in dialogue, exploring commonalities and differences from five unique religious perspectives. In the process demonstrating the potentialities of connection that open up through skillful communication and mutual respect.

Judith Simmer-Brown

Acharya Judith Simmer-Brown


Judith Simmer-Brown, Ph.D., is Distinguished Professor of Contemplative and Religious Studies at Naropa University. She was trained at Cornell College (BA), Florida State University (MA), Columbia University and Union Theological Seminary (ABD), and Walden University (PhD). She teaches Buddhist scripture, ethics and philosophy, as well as interreligious dialogue and contemplative education. She is an Acharya (senior dharma teacher) of the Shambhala Buddhist lineage of Sakyong Mipham, Rinpoche and Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche, and performs Upadhyaya (Buddhist ministers) ordinations for Shambhala. Her books are Dakini’s Warm Breath: The Feminine Principle in Tibetan Buddhism (Shambhala 2001), and Meditation and the Classroom: Contemplative Pedagogy for Religious Studies (SUNY 2011).

Pir Netanel Mu'in ad-Din Miles-Yépez

Pir Netanel Mu’in ad-Din Miles-Yépez


Pir Netanel Mu’in ad-Din Miles-Yépez is the current head of the Inayati-Maimuni lineage of Sufism. He studied History of Religions at Michigan State University and Contemplative Religion at the Naropa Institute before pursuing traditional studies in both Sufism and Hasidism with Zalman Schachter-Shalomi and various other teachers. He has been deeply involved in ecumenical dialogue and is considered a leading thinker in the InterSpiritual movement. He is the co-author of two critically acclaimed commentaries on Hasidic spirituality, A Heart Afire: Stories and Teachings of the Early Hasidic Masters (2009) and A Hidden Light: Stories and Teachings of Early HaBaD and Bratzlav Hasidism (2011), the editor of various works on InterSpirituality, including The Common Heart: An Experience of Interreligious Dialogue (2006) and Meditations for InterSpiritual Practice (2012), and the editor of a new series of the works of the Sufi master, Hazrat Inayat Khan, annotated and adapted into modern English.

Sreedevi Bringi

Sreedevi Bringi


Sreedevi brings a brain-mind-consciousness perspective into her spiritual work, integrating her training in the sciences with deep study and practice in the spiritual/religious traditions of India . She received training in hatha yoga, raja yoga, meditation, Sanskrit and spiritual practices from her family elders, and from swamis and yoga teachers at the Bihar School of Yoga and Vivekananda Kendra in Bangalore , India . She has graduate degrees in Chemistry, Atmospheric Sciences and Education. Sreedevi has also served on the science faculty at Colorado State University , Front Range Community College and the Poudre School District in Fort Collins , Colorado

Stephen Hatch

Stephen Hatch


Stephen Hatch, M.A., is a contemplative thinker, photographer and writer. He represents the Contemplative Spiritual branch of the Radical Reformation, the contemplative wing of the movement that also produced Mennonites and Amish and which flowed into Quaker spirituality. In the 1980s, Stephen trained with Thomas Keating and the Catholic mystical tradition of Centering Prayer at the Trappist monastery in Snowmass, Colorado. He lives as a sort of ‘monk in the world,’ combining family life with meditation, silence, solitary time spent hiking and camping in the wilds, a simple lifestyle, and mindfulness. Stephen has a B.A. in Philosophy and Religion (with a minor in Natural Resources) from Colorado State University, and an M.A. in Spirituality from Iliff School of Theology. He lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, and teaches in the Religious Studies Department at Naropa University, where he specializes in Christian Mysticism.

Alan Hartway, Friar

Alan Hartway, Friar

Roman Catholicism

PhD Candidate, University of Colorado, MFA Writing and Poetics, The Naropa Institute, BA, St. Joseph College. An ordained Catholic priest in the Society of the Precious Blood, Alan has served as a pastor for twelve years, director of publications for his community, and director of formation for priesthood candidates for five years. He taught at St. Mary of the Plains College of Dodge City, Kansas, and worked with the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging, a lay Catholic missionary organization grant funding projects in developing countries. Alan has studied with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and is currently engaged in graduate degree work at the University of Colorado in classics and Greek.

Rabbi Tirzah Firestone

Rabbi Tirzah Firestone


Tirzah Firestone is a rabbi, Jungian therapist, and author of The Receiving: Reclaiming Jewish Women’s Wisdom, (hailed as the non-fiction companion to The Red Tent); With Roots in Heaven, and The Woman’s Kabbalah: Ecstatic Practices for Women. Ordained by R. Zalman Schachter-Shalomi in 1992, Tirzah is widely known for her groundbreaking work on the confluence of Kabbalah and psychology and the re-integration of the feminine wisdom tradition within Judaism. She lectures and teaches throughout the United States.

7-Day Practice in Action Challenge with Host:

For seven days following activation, which you can do at your convenience, you will receive a new meditation led by one of our hosts or presenters, along with some suggestions to help carry that practice with you into your daily activities.

Special Bonuses

Our generous event partners including Soundstrue, Shambhala Online, and Shambhala Publications have all offered additional special bonuses:

Shambhala Publications

The Mindfulness Sampler

Shambhala Authors on the Power of Awareness in Daily Life

How can life be lived fully? Our culture bombards us every day with suggested answers: Buy this, do that, then you’ll be satisfied. But what really works? A new approach has been growing in popularity—though it’s not really new at all—and it offers a solution that is startling in its simplicity: Just be present where you are, moment by moment. No tricks, no secrets, no special requirements. This is the message of mindfulness.

As a way of introducing readers to the mindfulness movement and its contemporary practice, Shambhala Publications is pleased to offer this short eBook of teachings by some of the movement’s most acclaimed teachers, including:

  • Thich Nhat Hanh on how to live happily and without struggle
  • Jack Kornfield on fearlessness and freedom
  • Pema Chödrön on mindfulness as a practice of nonviolence
  • Jan Chozen Bays, MD, on the physical and psychological benefits of mindfulness, with practical exercises
  • Chögyam Trungpa on getting in touch with our state of mind through meditation practice
  • David Richo on how mindfulness can improve our emotions and relationships
  • Michael Carroll with advice for practicing mindfulness on the job
  • Eline Snel on parenting with relaxed awareness and raising mindful kids
  • Lawrence A. Peltz, MD, on mindfulness as an antidote to addiction
    and Susan Gillis Chapman on key elements of mindful communication
Sounds True

The Power of Meditation

Teachings and Guided Practices to Calm the Mind and Open the Heart

Meditation is a tool for discovering ourselves—our gifts, weaknesses, hopes, and fears—and opening to the essence of who we are and how we fit into the world. For the past 25 years, Sounds True has had the privilege of recording many of today’s leading meditation teachers from diverse spiritual traditions. The Power of Meditation: Teachings and Guided Practices to Calm the Mind and Open the Heart invites you to experience for yourself the countless benefits of regular meditation practice.

Audio Tracks include:

1. Introduction with Tami Simon, founder of Sounds True
2. “The Purpose of Meditation” with Reggie Ray
3. “Why Meditate?” with Jack Kornfield
4. “Mindful Breathing” with Thich Nhat Hanh
5. “Calming the Mind” with Sharon Salzberg
6. “Tonglen Meditation: Softening the Heart” with Pema Chödrön
7. “The Lake Meditation” with Jon Kabat-Zinn
8. Conclusion — credits

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