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  1. Carlos Bermudez
    6 years ago

    I don’t understand why he says that mindfulness and what he call “growing up” have never been mixed or practiced together. Also I don’t agree when he say that “growing up” (to go from egocentric to integral) is an exclusive western model or path: at least in buddhism mindfulness and “growing up” are always together. For example, the Four Immesurbles are always practiced in a “growing up” way: starting with oneself, then with beloved ones, then indifferent and even enemies to end in complete equanimity (=non dual = integral). In my opinion, the buddhist path have both: the state and the structure.

  2. Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Ken Wilber’s talk was one of the most profound I have heard in recent years! Am eager to experiment with bringing awareness the developmental stages inward in Mindfulness practice and see what emerges:)

  3. Anonymous
    6 years ago

    What a Gift to experience directly Ken Wilber ‘s Wisdom.
    Sylvia m. Calderón

  4. Margrit Romang
    6 years ago

    Thank you so much Fleet for encouraging us to listen to Ken’s presentation. It is so clear and has answered many questions and puzzlements I have had about this process (or rather now these 2 processes). As a psychologist and meditator this model of integration is not only helpful to me but will also be to my students and patients. I will continue studying this. Thank you, thank you!

  5. Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Ken’s presentation was fascinating and went a long way in explaining certain disfunctions and disorders or why some people can seem so advanced and so undeveloped at the same time. My question would be how this combination of growing up and waking up can be applied to the different lines of intelligence thatvalso need to be developed and integrated in order to become a truly fully whole being.

  6. William Hope
    6 years ago

    Thank you to Ken Wilber and Shambhala for making such a straightforward, succint overview available. A very auspicious and welcome distillation of the wisdom traditions of east and west, relative and absolute. Quite similar to recent teachings of A.H. Almaas, but also is emerging from many western non-dual teachers in acknowledging that ‘awakening’ is continuous, infinite and dependent upon genuine individual maturation. Such inclusivity of the major global maps of human potential, brings me a real sense of humility and openess. Being on the ‘right’ track becomes redundant. Opening to the challenge of every aspect of modern living in a balanced way seems to point to a much fuller and natural embodiment of wisdom and compassion in action. Hence a more potent contribution to the global movement towards wholeness.

  7. Anonymous
    6 years ago

    A lot of talk but not much quality

  8. barbara
    6 years ago

    Apsolutely magnifiscent Ken, thank you so much, what a clear way to explain something quite difficult to integrate.Bárbara, from Argentina

  9. Helen
    6 years ago

    Thanks Ken, I must admit that I found it really hard to listen too….as I have only been meditating for a few short years on my own….it just seems so overwhelming to me as I am struggling to mediatate and trying to being mindful, let alone growing up and the other structures etc. You are so far advanced in your knowledge that I feel so over whelmed. Thank you

    • Anonymous
      6 years ago

      Helen, you are selling yourself short. You are fine. Ken ain’t “so far advanced” at all. He just uses big words. ;o)

  10. Vicki Orlando
    6 years ago

    I am so grateful for this presentation.Understanding the difference between growing up and waking up really explains why so many shared experiences of “waking up” are so different among a group that may have been gathering for decades,. I see, I see…this helps me to appreciate the variety in an inclusive and expanding world we share. Thank you – this is precious beyond price.

  11. Carolyn
    6 years ago

    So glad to learn this and agree with his presentation since I have studied many of the theories of development that he discusses and practiced mindfulness for years.

  12. Marie
    6 years ago

    So interesting. Could be why despite so many of us practicing mindfulness seem stuck and don’t really reach enlightenment

  13. Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Would explain a lot of the mystery of why we aren’t uniting knowledge and awareness.

  14. Katy Rose
    6 years ago

    Truth. True Enlightenment will be obtained by the auspicious marriage in the structural and meditative natures of each individual. Ken Wilbur’s clarity is pristine. Culturally, we can become an enlightened society, if we choose first, as individuals, to wake up in the structural development of our consciousness. Ken Wilbur offered tools in his talk to understand our world with more compassion and integrity of thought, word, action and deed. Why not begin within our own families, then move out into our work environments with compassionate acceptance as we personally continue to emerge into a fully integrated human being? Thank you, Mr. Wilbur, for caring.

  15. Rosa Polanco
    6 years ago

    Excelent and superb talk, despite on what level of knowledge you manage in such wonderful topics

  16. Vicki
    6 years ago

    Conceptualization on steroids.

  17. Helge Krogsgaard
    6 years ago

    Thank you Ken Wilber for a very interesting talk.
    I read the Integral Psychology some 10 years ago, and it gave me a big Heureka!-experience, as I had witnessed a lot of huge big supposedly enlightened masters with what I couldn’t help but term as human flaws, and which I couldn’t come to terms with. This model of many intelligences at possibly very different stages of development brought me, at least, a model of understanding this, and also a bigger tolerance.
    I think it is very useful to think of our fellow human beings in this light. They, to put it strongly, could be the most advanced creatures, be it as writers, artists, scientists or spiritual leaders, and be total morons in other fields. With an understanding of this, we might not as easily disregard them totally once we spot a flaw.
    I don’t have the intellectual capacity to refute his views with such ease as Renata, I would, however, also like to hear some genuine masters of the classical schools comment on his ideas

  18. Renata
    6 years ago

    Not convincing, often outright wrong and self-contradictory. Misunderstanding and simplification of Buddhism and enlightenment. The eightfold path is much more than just some “mystic” experience. It includes the recognition of emptiness, no-self and oneness which seems to correspond to the “integrated stage of development”. The separation of states and stages, waking up and growing up, as presented by Ken Wilber, seems forced and artificial. Many of his arguments could be easily refuted, including the statement that through introspection one is not able to recognise structures such as grammar. This is no place for a detailed discussion but I wonder what some of the accomplished Buddhist teachers think of this “Integral Theory”.

  19. Guillou
    6 years ago

    Thank you Ken and Thanks to the comments’ writers for making me feel so near
    Even though I am french And In Paris. Never the less, No distance so far as I know… Je vous embrasse. Anne Guillou

  20. Kamran
    6 years ago


  21. Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Thanks Ken. I continue to be amazed at how much you can share with so much clarity and so few words.:)

  22. jeff shapiro
    6 years ago

    thanks, ken, i always learn so much from you, and appreciate your taking part in this program. the integration of growing up and waking up will stay with me…as a meditator and developmental psychologist this all makes lots of sense; now i need to work with it.

  23. Paashi
    6 years ago

    Ken Wibur’s philosophical work and understanding of Human development releases a deep sense of compassion for the self and all other selves as evolving beings at various stages and states. Now with his dedication and efforts this is unique time to accelerate our growth mindfully.