Exploring Mindfulness in Our Health, Relationships and Work as a Path to Personal and Social Transformation

Free Access to Over 20 Groundbreaking Dialogues with Top Thought Leaders, Wisdom Holders, and Social Visionaries

Join us for this free online event exploring mindfulness in our health, work and relationships as a path to personal and social transformation. Each day will include a live evening presentation and feature videos with insights and practical tools for waking up in your everyday life.

Online Event Schedule

Day 1:  Envisioning an Awakened World with hosts Richard Reoch and Acharya Adam Lobel

Day 2:  Waking Up to Personal Health & Well-being

Day 3:  Waking Up Through Relationships with host Susan Piver

Day 4:  Waking Up Through Work with host Lodro Rinzler

Day 5:  Waking Up Through Service with host Acharya Fleet Maul

Day 6:  Interreligious Dialogue Featuring senior teachers from 5 religious traditions

Event Sponsors

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